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One:12 Collective 2017 Line-Up

One:12 Collective 2017 Line-Up

Mezco Toyz’ One:12 Collective is getting a whole lot bigger in 2017.

With three new DC characters, four new Marvel characters, and a handful more based off of cult classic films and television shows, this series is one of the most highly anticipated that we’ve ever released. Here you can find all the new One:12 Collective figures they presented at our press event along with their accessories and stats. Please note that many of these are “in progress” prototypes so things are not completely finished. It is the burden of getting things ready to show before they are ready to show. Mezco will regularly improve its products the best they can up until the very last moment (and sometimes at the risk of missing targeted dates). But they feel it is important to give the best they can.

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