Super7 Masters of the Universe Ultimates Pre-Order FAQ

Super7 is answering your questions regarding their new distribution of the Masters of the Universe Ultimates. Read more: Masters of the Universe Ultimates Pre-Order FAQ...
Toy Fair 2017

TOY FAIR 2017: Mattel Booth

Toy Fair 2017 Mattel Photo Coverage has been added. View them in our Events » New York Toy Fair 2017 » Mattel Gallery.

Mattel Rebrands Mega Bloks to Mega Construx

MEGA™, the number two construction brand and part of the Mattel portfolio, organizes its big-block product line under the Mega Bloks® name and introduces...
Photographer Dennis DiLaura Stylist Mary Jordan

Mattel Wonder Woman Line Revealed

Toy Fair starts this weekend but Mattel has already released new photos of their new Wonder Woman Deluxe Figurine collectibles. Check out more photos at...

Toy Fair: Mattel Showroom Photos

Toy Fair 2018 Mattel showroom photos are available. Any comment Be sure to check out all of our Toy Fair photo coverage in our Toy Fair...

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