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    Default ActionFigs Toy Fair coverage discussion thread.

    New York Toy Fair 2008

    Though thereís a huge variety of things being shown from the í08 Toy Fair, this thread is where we can toss out random thoughts about what weíre seeing. (Stealing JTís idea from SSG. )

    Iím still swimming through the photos, but so far Iím really impressed by some of the DC direct 1:6 scale figures. In particular, I think I may need to get that Bizarro!

    I know that thereís much more coming, so Iíll be watching as it happens.

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    Lots of good photos. That Gentle Giant Star Trek Picard looks really nice.
    I wonder if it's 1/6 scale 12"? Gentle Giant to do 12" figures instead of Sideshow? hmm.

    Some cool shots of upcoming GI Joe 3 3/4 scale vehicles and figures also.

    I wonder if a toy company like 21st Century-Ultimate Soldier shows up to the Toy Fair? Sure would like to see some of the upcoming rumored 3 3/4-1:18 Warplanes if they are there like the 1:18 B-25 twin engine bomber (huge!) and a few others promised.

    Anyways, great coverage so far.

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    Quote Originally Posted by blue2th View Post
    I wonder if a toy company like 21st Century-Ultimate Soldier shows up to the Toy Fair?
    I know that they're at Toy Fair, because they've put up a few photos over on their own site. (Some pics of 1:8 scale planes. Nice stuff!)

    Maybe Steve can wander by and take some photos of their booth if he gets a chance.

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    I went over there yesterday after I posted, they said they would have them up there soon.
    Guess I'll go over and check em out.

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    El Chuxter


    Was there just not a lot of GIJoe stuff shown? All I saw that was new were a couple of (verah nahce) vehicles and the DVD sets.

    I know from another site that the Storm Shadow from an upcoming Storm Shadow/Faceless Master comic pack has been revealed (though not Faceless Master). And there are 15 total scheduled for 2008, and I'm not sure if that includes the reprint packs. I'm more excited about those than anything else, both for the totally new figures and the new comics.

    (In case you're wondering, Faceless Master was the alias Firefly used when he infiltrated the Arashikage Clan as a visiting Koga instructor. Following the death of his uncle, it was over a decade before Firefly revealed who he'd been.)

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    Hmmm... The NECA 7" 300 action figs they have are from last year, Leonidas, Queen Gorgo, Immortal and Ephialtes. I thought for sure they were releasing some new ones...

    I also see where there are no Mezco: ATOLD figs. I guess this line is done.

    Still going through the photos...

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    I like the Clash of the Titans busts. I am upset there are no Doctor Who figs out. That blows.

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    Hi Guys,

    Long time, no see...but I'm back!

    blue2th, 21st Century was there but we just ran out of time. I would have liked to shoot them and Forces of Valor. Lots of good stuff.

    El Chuxter, Hasbro didn't really have much GI Joe to show. They released some official press images and talked about the upcoming movie during the presentation but really didn't have much in the showroom.

    UKWildcat, NECA didn't have anything new for 300 and I didn't hear about any future plans. Gears of War was there highlight this year I think, as well as the Farkas figure from A Christmas Story.

    A few highlights of the show for me were the new 1/4" scale Star Wars figures that we weren't allowed to photograph at Diamond. The Kotobukiya Indy figures. The Good, the bad, and the Ugly MiniMates. Hasbro's AT-TE is really incredible, same for the Hasbro Indy stuff. Finally the Playmobil Dinosaur and Pirate sets.

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    Amazing post here. i really loved it. Thanks for sharing.

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