• Gentle Giant Ltd. Acquires Marvel License

      Gentle Giant Ltd. is proud to announce a new partnership with Marvel Entertainment! In our ongoing efforts to bring new and uniquely special pop culture products to market, GGLTD has recently licensed several new categories of collectibles. Look forward to seeing Mini-busts, Bookends, Desk Accessories, beautiful Bronze items, Life-size pieces and character Statues featuring detailed vehicles and much, much more.

      Coming soon are Deadpool on his Motorbike, interchangeable bookends allowing you to choose which hero battles which! And an ongoing line of mini-busts featuring all your favorite heroes like The Hulk, The Thing, Spider-man, Wolverine and many more, plus offerings from the Thor, Captain America and Avengers films! Make mine MARVEL!

      To get things started...

      Black Cat (aka Felicia Hardy) the “cat” burglar extraordinaire and one time love interest of our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man has nothing to hide…or does she? Holding a simulated diamond behind her back, one per master carton will come with a variant ruby red colored facsimile gem.

      At just over 7“ tall, this mini bust is one of the first in a long line of new Gentle Giant produced Marvel collectibles.

      Cast in high quality poly-stone, then hand painted. Black Cat is a numbered limited edition that comes packaged in a window box complete with certificate of authenticity.

      Black Cat mini-bust $70
      Height: 7”
      Release Date: Fall 2011


      Thor has come a long way since his first appearance in Journey into Mystery #83! Pulled from the comic pages and now hitting the big screen in 2011 and even further on into coming Avengers films!

      The film accurate Norse god raises his Mjolnir Hammer high and ready to take on all challengers.

      Digitally scanned from film actor Chris Hemsworth, and then cast in high quality poly stone. Each limited edition hand painted piece comes numbered and boxed with a certificate of authenticity.

      Make mine Marvel! Pictures coming soon!

      Thor Movie mini-bust $75
      Height: 7.5”
      Release Date: Fall 2011