• Transformers Prime Cartoon Producers Q&A

      Back on January 21st, we at ActionFigs.com were invited to participate in a Q&A with the production team on the new cartoon Transformers Prime by sending in 1 question - which we opened up to our readers to submit. With the season premiere of the series coming this Friday to Hasbro's cable channel, The Hub, this TF Prime Q&A couldn't be more timely. Here's the question and answer...

      ActionFigs.com: Since the mini-series premiere of TF: Prime, fan reactions have been mixed to this latest series, and some were wondering... Will the tone of the show, the characters (both robot and human), the attempts at humor, the action, even the art be maturing as the series progresses, or is what we saw in the premiere pretty much the intended baseline level for the show?

      Answer - Duane Capizzi, Supervising Producer/Co-Developer: Fan reaction is always mixed on new iterations of long-standing brands. We feel TRANSFORMERS PRIME is pretty “mature” both in humor (which we feel derives from character, and is rarely there for the sake of “antics”) and tone. As with any new series, fine-tuning occurs along the way. But, the mini-series is an accurate representation of the series to come – some episodes will be funnier, some darker yet. Stick with it, and we feel you will be rewarded as we ratchet-up the tension and peel back new layers of character with virtually every episode.