• Gentle Giant Ltd. The Hobbit Goblin King Mini Bust with BONUS Goblin Scribe Mini Bust

      Deep beneath the Misty Mountain Tops, a great and terrifying Goblin King, called the Great Goblin in honor of both his physical and hierarchical stature, ruled with an iron fist. His clan would harass and harry any and all that suffered the misfortune of entering their territory. That is, until Gandalf smote the Great Goblin with “Beater,” an enchanted blade better known by its original Elvish name, Glamdring.

      Straight from the screen to your shelf, Gentle Giant Ltd. is proud to bring you the monstrous Great Goblin Mini Bust. “Mini” bust may be a misnomer, as this piece will loom over the rest of your collection just as the Great Goblin did over his tribe, dwarfing them all in comparison. See for yourself! Order this piece directly from Gentle Giant Ltd. and receive an exclusive companion mini bust – the Great Goblin’s faithful scribe! Both of these incredible busts were digitally sculpted and cold cast using only the highest quality synthetic polystone. A limited edition collectable, each set of hand-painted busts comes individually numbered and includes a matching certificate of authenticity.

      Check out more photos and pre-order yours at GentleGiantLtd.com