View Full Version : Transformers: Age of Extinction Grimlock (Voyager) Review

05-16-2014, 05:43 AM
Hasbro's Transformers: Age of Extinction products are now available through online retailers, and coming to brick & mortar stores this weekend (May 17th), so we thought we'd take another look at one of the movie's new Voyager-class figures, Grimlock.

Grimlock is one of the brand's most iconic characters, leader of the mighty Dinobots and mangler of the english language. For this 4th Transformers movie, Michael Bay and his crew finally decided it was time to bring the Dinobots to the big screen, and made Grimlock one of the earliest images viewers would see by putting the insanely-scaled robotic T-rex into the Super Bowl teaser trailer - if you haven't seen it, Optimus is riding his dragon-like dino mode and is utterly dwarfed. In other words, this

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