Pop Culture Shock Collectibles Debuts ORO 1:4th Scale Statue


Pop Culture Shock is proud to present Oro, Street Fighter III’s residential senjutsu master. A long time favorite of owner Jerry Macaluso, this bizarre brawler is finally coming to life in life-like detail cast in poly-stone resin.

“Oro is such a great character and he’s really underserved in terms of product that’s been made for Street Fighter,” said Mr. Macaluso, “I am glad we can help fix that.”

PCS’s team of professional sculptors have outdone themselves with this statue, putting eye-popping attention-to-detail in every crease and fold of the ancient one’s anatomy. A weather-worn garment completes the look of the cave-dwelling legendary fighter.
      Oro will not only be released in alternate “Player 2” colors, but an additional SENJUTSU edition will be available on the day of release, exclusive to Popcultureshocktoys.com.


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