Funko to release Garbage Pail Kids toys, collectables and more


Funko has teamed with the Garbage Pail Kids to launch a new line of toys, figures and collectables to celebrate 30 years of the popular trading cards.

Funko Garbage Pail Kids

Little is known about the new announcement that was made via Funko’s social media platform, Facebook earlier this week.

Developed by Topps Company and originally released in 1985, Garbage Bail Kids were designed to parody the popular Cabbage Patch Kids brand – a line that had launched some years earlier.

The Garbage Pail Kids put a grotesque spin on the cherub-faced Cabbage Patch characters, and featured caricatures including a vampiric child, a Jabba The Hut-esque baby and a two-headed doll.

Funko’s new range of collectibles, toys and figures are expected to hit shelves next year.

via Licensingbiz


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