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Botcon 2014: Hasbro Transformers Coverage – Day 3

Botcon 2014: Hasbro Transformers Coverage – Day 3

BotCon2014webcenterThis year’s Botcon, the annual official Transformers collectors convention,  takes place once again in Pasadena, California, in order to be close to Hollywood to celebrate the upcoming release of the newest Transformers film, Age of Extinction, as well as celebrate the Transformers brand’s 30th anniversary. 

The first day of the convention, Friday, June 20th, was an exclusive preview day for fans who got the Botcon multi-day packages, and Hasbro had a good look at their current and upcoming lines in their display, along with activities and games.

The second day of the convention, Saturday the 21st, was open to the public and included the Hasbro Transformers panel, which did not allow photography but did put select revealed figures in their display cases. View the galleries below to see the full coverage.

The final day of the convention, Sunday the 22nd, was a shorter-length day. The hi-res images from the Hasbro panel’s slideshow were released.







More details coming soon.


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